OSHA announces top 10 most-cited safety violations of the year

Nov. 12, 2018

The preliminary data puts fall protection at the top of this year's list

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently announced their top 10 most-cited safety violations list for fiscal year 2018.

The list covers violations that OSHA issued between Oct. 1, 2017 through Sept. 30, 2018, but the data is preliminary. Patrick Kapust, deputy director of OSHA’s Directorate of Enforcement Programs, presented the data for the violations list at the 2018 National Safety Council Congress & Expo in October.

The top five violations—fall protection, hazard communication, scaffolds, respiratory protection and lockout/tagout—remained unchanged for the fourth straight year.

The full list, including the total number of violations, includes:

1. Fall protection—general requirements: 7,270 violations

2. Hazard communication: 4,552 violations

3. Scaffolding: 3,336 violations

4. Respiratory protection: 3,118 violations

5. Lockout/tagout: 2,944 violations

6. Ladders: 2,812 violations

7. Powered industrial trucks: 2,294 violations

8. Fall protection—training requirements: 1,982 violations

9. Machine guarding: 1,972 violations

10. Eye and face protection: 1,536 violations


Source: Safety & Health / Construction Dive