ROADS/BRIDGES: Vermont Senate approves $562 million transportation budget

Budget aims to provide for aggressive road and bridge improvements statewide

Funding News April 27, 2015
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The Vermont Senate late last week passed a $562 million transportation budget for the coming fiscal year, aimed at delivering aggressive road and bridge improvements across the state. 
While the new budget represents a $55 million cut against current-year funding, officials have characterized the difference as the expiration of remaining Hurricane Irene-related federal recovery money. 
Sen. Dick Mazza, the Transportation Committee chairman, in a statement said the new budget relies on no new taxes or fees, but does provide a codicil preventing any further decline in tax revenue from gas and diesel taxes. “This budget builds on the success we've had in transportation in rebuilding our infrastructure,” Mazza said. “In 2009, 34% of state highways were in very poor condition and now only 13% are in poor condition. So it’s a great improvement over what we had.”
Mazza further stated that Vermont remains committed to restoring passenger rail service between Rutland and Burlington. Still to be sussed out are minor differences between the Senate version and House-passed version of the budget before it can head to the governor's desk. 

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