ROADS/BRIDGES: LBJ Express project set to open

The final stretch of the LBJ Express Lanes will soon be completed

Highway Construction News September 08, 2015
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The LBJ Express Project near Dallas is scheduled to be complete by Sept. 10. The project took four years and cost nearly $3 billion.
The final segment is 7.5 miles of managed TEXpress toll lanes, running from Luna Road to east of Preston Road in Dallas. The tolls will range from 10 to 75 cents per mile depending on the volume of traffic.  
The project includes a pair of TEXpress lanes sunken 30 ft below ground and beneath the level of the free lanes of Interstate 535 above, running for 5.6 miles. This stretch was originally supposed to be a tunnel, which was determined to be too expensive to build.
LBJ was originally built to handle about 180,000 vehicles per day (vpd). Current demand is about 270,000 vpd. The rebuilt highway with new TEXpress lanes will be able to handle about 360,000 vpd. Demand is expected to reach that point in 15 years.

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