ROADS/BRIDGES: I-70 in Colorado to undergo $1.2 billion expansion

CDOT will begin work on I-70 which includes replacing a rotting viaduct and widening the interstate

Highway Construction News February 10, 2016
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The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is eyeing a $1.2 billion road widening project on a major interstate in the state.


CDOT is planning to remove a viaduct and widen a 10-mile stretch of I-70 in north Denver, starting in 2017. I-70 will be widened from three lanes to four in each direction from I-25 to I-225. The new lanes will also be tolled.


The I-70 widening project took precedence over another intiative with the same $1.2-billion price tag that would widen north I-25 from Fort Collins to Longmonth from two lanes to three lanes.


Starting in Spring 2015, crews will expand the overpass to accommodate additional lanes and level the southbound and northbound lanes. The roughly $30 million project will take two years to complete. CDOT will also build a $9.5 million climbing lane at Berthoud Hill near Colorado Highway 56. 


The big question mark is where the rest of the funding will come from, resulting in a hazy completion date. 

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