Minnesota DOT Says Road Construction Projects Are on Track

Sept. 27, 2023
Many projects expected to finish by October.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) recently released an update stating all 2023 construction projects are on schedule.

With the lack of rain throughout the summer, the dry weather has meant less disruptions to construction work. “There had been fewer weather delays. Obviously, if it is a rainy time, that can disrupt things. It’s helped the continuity sort of keeping a good flow of work.” MnDOT Spokesperson Michael Dougherty. 

Dougherty says there have been more delays due to the heat than the rain, but he says the overall schedule was not affected by much.

“When it’s in 100′s or high 90′s, they can’t do the same level of work that they normally do, so it’s been a kind of balance.” 

The spokesperson says there are projects expected to finish by the end of October. He hopes there are no disruptions considering the onslaught of rain that began in September.

”Projects that were completed earlier probably benefitted somewhat from that dry, but ones that are not due to be done until the end of October, it’s sort of we shall see.” said Dougherty. 

MnDOT reminds drivers to slow down near construction zones and observe road signs.


Source: KTTC News