Washington State's Road Projects This Summer

June 26, 2023
There are 116 projects planned for this summer's construction season

Motorists should expect more roadwork this summer on their commutes, according to the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). There are 116 road projects that are being worked on, or will be worked on in the coming months.

WSDOT has released a detailed map where you can find all of the construction projects that are happening around the Evergreen State.

Here is a breakdown of the projects by region:

  • Southwest Region: 27
  • Olympic Region: 26
  • Northwest Region: 22
  • North Central Region: 15
  • South Central Region: 10
  • Eastern Region: 3

In addition, some programs have projects within them, such as the 1-405/SR 167 Corridor Program (Northwest Region) with 5 projects and the Puget Sound Gateway Program (Northwest and Olympic regions) with 4 projects.

For the projects in real-time, WSDOT has an interactive map you can follow here.


Source: WSDOT