ROAD CONSTRUCTION: Ga. kicks off another managed lanes project

I-75 section will help ease congestion, especially during special events

News October 08, 2014
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The state of Georgia has more to manage these days.
Gov. Nathan Deal helped make the first digs on another managed lanes project in Georgia. Officials were on hand to cut the ribbon, which included the ceremonial dirt toss, for the I-75 corridor project. When completed in 2017, the 12-mile corridor will have reversible managed express lanes, similar to the ones on I-85 in Gwinnet County and I-75 in Cobb County.
“[Managed lanes] are what is happening across the country and we’re no exception, especially in fast-growing states like ours,” said Deal. “When we need additional lanes, they are very expensive and they’re expensive not to initially build but also to maintain.”
Plans on the I-75 corridor call for one reversible managed lane between exits 216 and 218, and two lanes north of there up to S.R. 138. Tolls will be set according to the type of congestion at any given time.
The U.S. Census Bureau has Georgia as the eighth-fastest growing state in the U.S., and Deal said the section of I-75 set for construction has tremendous traffic volumes. The managed lanes also will help deal with special events in the area, like NASCAR races.

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