ROAD CONSTRUCTION: 18.9 miles of I-49 now open in Louisiana

Another 11 miles of the $670M project are near completion and 5 miles remain

News LaDOTD December 02, 2013
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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has opened 18.9 miles of I-49 North from La. 1 to U.S. 71. The $171 million stretch will support an average of 10,000 commuters daily.


Jindal said, "Completing this segment of I-49 North demonstrates our continued commitment to finishing the entire I-49 North project. When I-49 North is completed, it will be a vital corridor for the flow of commerce that will support our economy and spur more business investment. Investing in our roads is critical for both economic development and keeping Louisiana drivers safe. I-49 North has been in the making for decades, and we’re proud that our administration put a plan in place to fully fund this critical corridor."


The governor said I-49 North will be a vital connector that will help goods move faster across the country and throughout Louisiana, further strengthening the state’s economy.


The entire I-49 North project spans 36 miles from north of Shreveport to the Arkansas border. Segments E-I of the project are now complete and 18.9 miles will be open to drivers. Another 11 miles, Segments A-D, are near completion and will be opened to local traffic in March 2014. The last 5 miles of the project, Segment J and Segment K, remain to be constructed. Construction on Segment J is already under way and is expected to be complete in fall 2015. Segment K will be let for construction in January 2014. The entire I-49 North project is estimated to be completed by 2016 or 2017.


To date, the Jindal administration has invested a total of $375 million to I-49 N—more than half of the total project cost of $670 million. Additionally, the Jindal administration has committed more than $5.6 billion to transportation and infrastructure projects throughout Louisiana since 2008.

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