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bike-sharing services
News April 16, 2019
Ride-hailing company Lyft is in the process of removing thousands of electric bicycles in its bike-share programs in New York City, San Francisco and Washington D.C. due to a braking issue, the company announced this week.   In a blog post emailed to customers on Sunday, Lyft noted the company had...
ride-hailing service; ride-sharing service
News March 25, 2019
Residents of Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada will soon be able to use a ride-hailing app on their smartphones with the launch of B.C.-based service Kater, the first ride-hailing service to roll out in the province ahead of Uber and Lyft.   According to a report from the Toronto Star, Kanter'...
transit services Uber app
News February 01, 2019
After announcing its intentions to get into public transit last April, Uber is preparing to launch its transit-related services in Denver.   According to a TechCrunch report, Uber is partnering with the Regional Transportation District and transit data provider Moovit so that residents of Denver...
Uber AVs

Image: Uber Blog

News December 19, 2018
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has approved the continued testing of Uber's self-driving vehicles in autonomous mode in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas for the first time since March of this year.   An Associated Press report indicates the ride-sharing company has been...
Uber JUMP bike share

Image: Uber

News November 19, 2018
Uber is launching its JUMP bike-share service today in Seattle, rolling out 300 electric-assist bicycles to begin.   The ride-sharing company will continue to ramp up the number of red JUMP bikes on Seattle streets in the coming weeks. Uber is betting it can compete with Lime, the only remaining...
Mobility-as-a-Service for small urban and rural communities

Photo: Adobe.stock.com / Evening_Tao

Article October 05, 2018
According to the MaaS Alliance, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) puts customers at the center of transport services, offering them tailor-made mobility solutions based on their individual needs. MaaS integrates and sells mobility services in real-time information primarily by app. Currently, there are...
Leaders from both transit agencies and transportation network companies were on-hand at the APTA Annual Meeting to discuss present and future operations
News September 25, 2018
An increasingly important (and somewhat treacherous) topic in the transportation world is the question of whether mass transit and transportation network companies (TNCs) can operate in conjunction with one another, or, failing that, in, at least, something like mutually exclusive harmony.   In my...
ridesharing services
News July 30, 2018
The New York City Council is considering measures aimed at curbing the growth of ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft as they examine what impact the companies might have on issues including congestion.   The council is considering five different bills, including one where the city would...
Labor's Legacy in downtown Detroit, honoring the city's 300th anniversary in 2001.
News June 07, 2018
Once again, I missed more than I got to experience, but nonetheless there was much of interest. (Side note: Two members of the ITSA board visited the Traffic & Transit booth and I told them directly my dissatisfaction and concern about the number of concurrent sessions, and they did listen, so...
Uber AV tests Arizona
News May 24, 2018
Uber is shutting down its self-driving car tests in Arizona, where one of the cars was involved in a fatal crash with a pedestrian in March, the company said Wednesday.   According to a report from the Arizona Republic, the company notified about 300 Arizona workers in the self-driving program that...
Self-driving car service
News May 08, 2018
The city of Frisco in the North Texas region is reportedly set to get the nation's first self-driving car service.   The service will first be accessible in July for roughly 10,000 employees working in a cluster of corporate offices located less than a mile away from The Star, a retail and dining...
New rules proposed for autonomous cars to pick up passengers in California
News April 09, 2018
The California Public Utilities Commission has issued a proposal that could potentially clear the way for companies engaged in autonomous vehicle development and deployment to offer rides to the general public without the need of a safety driver to be present in the vehicle. The Commission...
Automated vehicle ride-hailing service
News February 20, 2018
Waymo is preparing to launch a ride-hailing service similar to Uber’s, but with driverless cars.   The self-driving carmaker spun out of Google was approved on Jan. 24 to operate as a transportation network company (TNC) in Arizona. Waymo applied for the permit on Jan. 12. Its application contained...
transportation improvements
News January 31, 2018
Cincinnati officials have struck a major deal with Uber aimed at improving the region’s transportation system using the ride-sharing service’s data-gathering abilities as they create the Cincinnati Mobility Lab.   The lab will share data, conduct studies and talk with employers in order to craft...
News December 14, 2017
The Justice Department is conducting at least one criminal investigation into ride-hailing company Uber, according to a letter made public this week.   The letter from the U.S. attorney's office for the Northern District of California does not specify exactly what is being investigated, but said...
Uber AV

Image: Uber

News November 21, 2017
Swedish carmaker Volvo has agreed to supply Uber with vehicles for use in the company’s planned autonomous car ride-hailing service.   According to Volvo’s Nov. 20 announcement, the car company will sell tens of thousands of autonomous driving compatible base vehicles to Uber from 2019 to 2021.  ...
Uber loses appeal bid in U.K. to overturn workers’ rights decision
News November 10, 2017
Uber lost its bid this week to overturn a decision by U.K. Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT), which determined that the company’ drivers deserved workers’ rights, such as minimum wage. This decision comes as the company continues to struggle against losing its license to operate in London.   Uber...
carpooling app
News November 06, 2017
The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) has announced an expanded partnership with Scoop Technologies.   CCTA will utilize its transportation demand management program known as 511 Contra Costa to provide additional carpool incentives to Scoop drivers who carpool from or within the county...
Uber, Lyft and Ford’s Chariot are all in contention to spearhead the MicroTransit project
News October 27, 2017
The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority has begun to accept proposals for a pilot project known as MicroTransit, by which service vans will circulate through different zones rather than operate on fixed routes, to pick up passengers at “virtual” bus stops within minutes of...
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