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4655 Aircenter Cir

Reno, NV 89502-5948

+1-775-826-2020 / +1-775-826-9191

Thomas R. Potter founded Reno A & E in 1992. During 1994, Reno A & E started initial research and development efforts to advance the inductive loop vehicle detection system. Delivery of these first technologically advanced detectors began in 1996. Mr. Potter organized this company with a strong management, engineering, and manufacturing team committed to the principle of "Excellence". Reno A & E manufactures complete lines of programmable LCD Vehicle Detectors for roadway and railway vehicles, preformed loops, NEMA TS 2 Malfunction Management Unit, 2070 type conflict monitors, AVI equipment for pre-emption and security, load switches, flashers and flash transfer relays.