RAIL: N.J. Transit train crashes into Hoboken station

At least one person is dead and about 100 are injured as a result of the commuter train crash

September 29, 2016
N.J. Transit train crashes into Hoboken station
N.J. Transit train crashes into Hoboken station

A commuter train crashed at a station in northern New Jersey during the Thursday morning rush, killing at least one person and injuring about 100 people, a number of them seriously, according to authorities.

One unnamed senior transportation official told The New York Times that there are structural concerns about the facility.

Jim Smith, a spokesman for New Jersey Transit, would confirm only that an accident involving a New Jersey Transit train had occurred at the train station in Hoboken. No other details were immediately available.

People shared photos of the crash on social media, which depicted a derailed train at the station. One image showed the front of a train stopped beyond the tracks inside the station. Photos also seemed to show extensive damage to the station, which is one of the busiest of the New Jersey Transit system.

Rail service was suspended into and out of the station. Local buses and ferries were accepting train tickets in lieu of the accident.

A spokesman for the Federal Railroad Administration, Matthew Lehner, said the agency was aware of the crash and had investigators on their way.

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