PRIVATIZATION: When it comes to leasing turnpike, Ohio governor may have fight on his hands

State representatives ready to introduce legislation requiring public input

Funding News Cleveland Plain-Dealer October 25, 2012
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Ohio Gov. John Kasich might be taking on the entire state of Ohio if he wants to lease the Ohio Turnpike.


State representatives Matt Lundy and Ronald Gerberry are prepared to introduce legislation that would call for mandatory public input before a deal is struck with a private investor. It also would repeal laws that would allow the state budget director and the head of the Ohio Department of Transportation to approve the privatization of the 241-mile toll road.


Kasich has been vocal in his support for privatizing the Ohio Turnpike, but Lundy and Gerberry say many Ohio residents do not approve such a move.


“The residents of northern Ohio helped finance this incredibly valuable asset and giving up ownership in any manner is wrong,” said Gerberry. “Selling off Ohio assets for one-time money is clearly not the right direction for our great state.”


The Kasich administration has hired a consulting firm to study the benefits of privatizing the Turnpike, and have asked residents to hold judgment until results are made public.

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