Powerful display

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Power Curbers Inc.’s 5700-C will be on display at World of Concrete with a variety of molds which will allow visitors to see how curb and gutter, sidewalk and barrier wall are all poured with the machine. The 5700-C also will be equipped with Power Curbers’ trademarked Smart Amp control system. This revolutionary technology gives contractors the sophistication and features of a digital control system with the simplicity of analog controls. Smart Amps allow for easy machine setup and fine-tuning of the steering and grade controls while offering advanced self-diagnostics for easy troubleshooting.
Alongside the 5700-C will be the Power Pavers SF-2700 slipform paver. The SF-2700 is ideally used for concrete paving up to 32 ft wide in residential subdivisions, state highways and airports. The SF-2700 has garnered praise from contractors worldwide for its transportability, simple controls and reliability.

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