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Founded in 1944, Parsons, an engineering, construction, technical, and management services firm with revenues of $2.7 billion in 2011, is 100% owned by the Employee Stock Ownership Trust. We conquer the toughest logistical challenges and deliver design/design-build, program/construction management, professional services, and innovative alternative delivery solutions to private industrial customers worldwide as well as to federal, regional, and local government agencies. Parsons is a leader in many diversified markets with a focus on infrastructure, environmental, and defense/security.

A leader in delivering world-class transportation projects

As a leader in the transportation construction industry, we provide safe and competitive transportation services on projects of any size and complexity. From the world’s largest airports, to the most demanding bridges with critical highways and rail links, to advanced transit systems and the sophisticated control and communications systems that support them, Parsons has the scope, resources, people, and experience to deliver world-class performance. We achieve our industry’s best practices, create innovative solutions to challenging issues, minimize project risks, and deliver jobs on schedule and within budget that benefit our customers and the communities served by our projects. We are your one source for end-to-end, design-build transportation engineering capabilities, from expert multidisciplinary planning through all phases of construction and implementation, to maintenance and improvements.

Dealing with projects of all sizes, all complexities, and in all locations creates many challenges. However, our work in partnership with our customers, design firms, and subcontractors finds solutions to the issues that arise while minimizing impacts to schedules and budgets. When we are working on a multimodal landmark project such as the I-25 (T-REX) design-build in Colorado (improving 17 miles of roadway and constructing 19 miles of transit lines) or a focused, long-term effort like the Cleveland–Hopkins International Airport (requiring interrelated projects that prepare an airport for future growth), Parsons has the depth of experience and capabilities to ensure successful delivery.

Safe and sound

Parsons’ quality management and technical expertise fulfill our customer’s transportation needs. In fact, we're the first transportation engineering firm to achieve companywide certification under the ISO 9001 quality standards. We also bring a world-class safety culture to all of our jobs, proven by our numerous awards from government and institutional safety organizations. But we don’t settle for simply meeting the established safety standards set by these organizations; we execute our own internal processes and measurements to deliver every project as safely as possible.

  • Every Parsons employee undergoes appropriate safety training.
  • Safety is discussed every day on the job.
  • Companies from around the world seek our SHARP (safety, health, and risk program) safety management process.

Enduring, environmentally friendly solutions

Parsons is committed to providing the best journey today—and in the future. We create all of our projects with sustainability in mind, constantly finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment through state-of-the-art construction methods, materials, and enhanced facilities and systems operations that meet our customer’s requirements.

For more than 80 years, satisfied customers have entrusted Parsons with many of the world’s foremost transportation programs. We provide a safer, better, more sustainable way to travel the world—one project at a time.