November 2004

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November 2004
Bridge Construction November 2004

Barge collisions, wind and foundation pose extreme challenges
for new bridge across the Mississippi

Bridge Rescue November 2004

Johnstown, famous for its flood, watches an aging bridge
get in shape to handle the demands of today

Bridge Construction November 2004

The new Wilson Bridge flourishes, while the Bay Bridge flounders

Bridge Construction November 2004

“Simple” construction generates fabrication and construction savings

Bridges November 2004

Team Works Together to Quickly Repair Deleware Bridge

Bridge Construction November 2004

New Jersey constructs first concrete segmental bridge

November 2004

Smart cable dampers prove to be way to handle cable vibration

Galvanized Rebar November 2004

Tests show decks with hot-dip galvanized centers are standing up to corrosion

Soil Stabilization November 2004

Lime, fly ash blend into Pennsylvania’s mix of soil characters for stronger subgrade support

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