No. 9 - Columbus Road Lift Bridge

Columbus Road Lift Bridge
Columbus Road Lift Bridge

One of six vehicular bridges over the Cuyahoga River, the Columbus Road Lift Bridge serves as a main throughway to the historic Flats District. The river is a major shipping route, which meant the shipping channel could not be obstructed during construction. Thus, the 241-ft 9.5-in. lift span was erected fully on land—including electrical and mechanical components—and then transferred onto a barge utilizing self-propelled modular transport units and floated down river, there to be set in place during a U.S. Coast Guard-granted 72-hour channel interruption.


LOCATION: Cleveland, Ohio

COST: $30.3 million

LENGTH: 342 ft

DESIGNER: TranSystems

CONTRACTOR: American Bridge

OWNER: Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works