No. 6 - Mistissini Glulam Bridge

Mistissini Glulam Bridge
Mistissini Glulam Bridge

Crossing the Uupaachikus Pass, the Mistissini Glulam Bridge satisfi ed two main objectives: to provide access to a larger territory to the Cree community and to provide arterial access to a large gravel pit that will meet local construction materials demands. The 500-ft-long bridge was designed using semi-continuous arches made of glued laminated (glulam) girders. As temperature has less effect on wood than on steel or concrete, expansion joints could be eliminated, giving the structure greater durability. Sourced from sustainably renewed forest, the wood used saved 1,472 tons of CO2-equivalent emmissions.


LOCATION: Mistissini, Quebec, Canada

COST: $9.9 million (CAN)

LENGTH: 500 ft

DESIGNER: Stantec Experts-Conseils Itée

CONTRACTORS: Constructions BSL Inc.; Nordic Structures; Chantier Chibougamau

OWNER: Council of the Cree Nation of Mistissini