NJDOT goes all out with spending request

Agency wants $3.2 billion for FY 2012-13 to address fatigued roads, bridges and transit

Funding News NewJerseynewsroom.com April 02, 2012
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The New Jersey Department of Transportation submitted a bold and aggressive transportation budget to a Democratic-controlled state legislature on March 30. The agency will get no argument from Gov. Chris Christie, either.


“Transportation is the lifeblood of the New Jersey economy, and this capital program is a responsible and focused plan that addresses our top priorities and helps keep the New Jersey comeback on track,” Christie said in a statement.


The NJDOT wants to spend a total of $3.2 billion during FY 2012-13, which begins July 1. Just over $2 billion will be used by the NJDOT and $1.155 billion will be absorbed by the New Jersey Transit. Bridge rehab work could get as much as $685 million, which would help cut the number of NJDOT owned or maintained structurally deficient bridges in half over the next nine years. The strategy also calls for $311 million for highway pavement resurfacing, rehabilitation or reconstruction. New Jersey also wants 80% of its roads to be in acceptable condition by 2022. Congestion-reduction efforts would receive $343 million.


“The proposed program provides for significant road, bridge and transit infrastructure investments while also funding initiatives that will promote safety for all who share our roads and access our public transportation system,” said NJDOT Commissioner James Simpson.

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