New Jersey DOT announces $30.1 million in Local Freight Impact Fund grants

Funding to improve heavy truck routes on local roads

April 28, 2022 / 2 minute read
New Jersey DOT announces $30.1 million in Local Freight Impact Fund grants

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) announced $30.1 million in Local Freight Impact Fund grants. The funding provided by the State, along with an additional $75.2 million from local governments, will bring the total investment in 25 projects to $105.3 million. Of the 25 projects, one is for the construction of a new road, and the other 24 are pavement preservation projects. 

The Local Freight Impact Fund helps New Jersey counties and municipalities fund projects that emphasize and enhance the safe movement of large truck traffic, renew aging structures that carry large truck traffic, promote economic development and support new transportation opportunities without the need for additional property taxes. Four categories are eligible for funding:

“Funding the preservation and expansion of our freight transportation infrastructure is key to supporting the success of New Jersey’s role in our national supply chain,” said Governor Phil Murphy. “These grants represent my administration’s ongoing investment in our infrastructure to promote a robust economy and ensure safer, more efficient transportation throughout our state.”

NJDOT received 59 applications requesting more than $85 million for the FY2022 Local Freight Impact Fund Program. Of the applications received, there are 25 grants being awarded. Those grants are being distributed to 21 municipalities and three counties.

The grants are administered by the NJDOT Division of Local Aid and Economic Development. NJDOT staff evaluate projects using a variety of criteria including existing conditions, overall traffic volume, percentage of large truck traffic, crash frequency and connectivity to freight nodes.


Source: New Jersey Department of Transportation


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