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Allianz Madvac’s RT655 is an air regenerative sweeper that was designed to scrupulously clean the surfaces that nature, people and machines pollute.

This machine produces a powerful and continuous blast of air into a sealed hood that is pulled along over the road’s surface. This air blast loosens and disturbs all debris it encounters. A suction duct within the hood conveys the newly disturbed but well-trapped dirt, dust and debris into the stainless steel hopper.

The RT655 features a gearbox-driven blower, which eliminates belts and other high-wear components, resulting in a lower cost of operation. The RT655 is available with a unique water recirculation system, which filters water from the debris hopper resulting in less water usage and greater productivity.

The RT655 features a John Deere turbo-charged diesel engine, a 8.5-cu-yd stainless steel debris hopper, a 250-gal stainless steel water tank, a 140-in.-wide sweeping pat hand a 190-sq-in. vacuum nozzle.

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