NCDOT to provide millions in state street aid funding to local municipalities

The $147.5 million in Powell Bill funding would primarily be used to resurface municipal roadways

October 01, 2019
pavement resurfacing; municipal road funding

The North Carolina DOT (NCDOT) recently began distributing over $147.5 million in state street aid to 508 local municipalities across the state.

The funding is provided through the Powell Bill funds, which are to be used primarily for resurfacing streets within municipality limits, but can also be used to support construction, improvements, repairs, and maintenance of any street or public thoroughfare—including bridges, drainage, and curb and gutter. Funds can also be used for planning, construction, and maintenance of bikeways, greenways, and sidewalks.

“Funding provided through the Powell Bill helps cities and towns pay for needed repairs, maintenance and construction of their transportation network” North Carolina Transportation Secretary Jim Trogdon said in a statement

The number of cities and towns that receive funding is comparable to previous years, and the amount received by each municipality is based on a formula set by the state's General Assembly. Funding is distributed with 75% based on population and 25% based on the number of locally maintained street miles.

Twenty-three cities are receiving at least $1 million, with the city of Charlotte receiving $20.5 million, based on its population of 852,992 and 2,523 miles of maintained roads. Raleigh will receive $10.7 million, followed by Greensboro ($7.3 million), Winston-Salem ($6.3 million), Durham ($6.3 million) and Fayetteville ($5.2 million).


SOURCE: North Carolina DOT

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