March 2015

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Road Construction March 2015

Transforming Washington state’s I-90 into a wider,safer, more reliable transportation corridor

The new “Twins” offer three 12-ft driving lanes, a 4-ft inside shoulder and a 10-ft outside shoulder, as well as portal extensions beyond the rock face.

Highway Construction March 2015

I-70 Twin Tunnels widened to improve safety, traffic

The construction of MoDOT’s proven life-saving rumble stripes involves grinding them into the pavement, exposing what is very often a porous aggregate to the elements.


MoDOT implemented an innovative approach, called scratch and seal, to provide minor corrections to an asphalt pavement surface and seal it with two different processes under the same construction project.


A rumble stripe with a properly applied fog seal at the time of construction will protect the exposed aggregates from the elements.

Pavement Maintenance March 2015

In Missouri, pavement preservation techniques innovate despite funding crunch

I-376 Section L04 is a major north/south artery in the greater Pittsburgh metropolitan area.


Warm-mix asphalt was used to produce all 70,191 tons of mix required for the job.


Upon completion, the IRI on this stretch of I-376 was reduced from 170 in./mile to 39 in./mile.

Asphalt March 2015

With a crumb rubber asphalt job now under its belt, Pa. looks to increase number after seeing success

Both eastbound and westbound relief bridges to the White River were completely replaced from the footings on up.


413,000 tons of asphalt were used to bring the 10.3-mile section of I-40 up a full foot.

Bridges March 2015

Amidst heavy and persistent traffic volume, Prairie County, Ark.’s I-40 gets rejuvenated

Norris Asphalt widened the roadway out 3 ft to each side to build new paved shoulders. 


Scheduling material delivery proved to be one of the biggest challenges on the U.S. 34 project, requiring the use of Shuttle Buggies to get new asphalt in. 

Aggregates March 2015

Contractor overcomes Iowa hills to be a Hayes finalist

Total lift thickness for the roundabout was 6.5 in. The 19-mm mix was used for the first lift (2.5 in. thick) and second (2.25 in. thick), but Northeast Asphalt had to use a Wisconsin DOT higher ESAL mix for the 1.75-in. surface course.

Asphalt March 2015

A harsh winter couldn’t rough up this northern Wisconsin award winner

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