WINTER MAINTENANCE: MnDOT, landowners install first-of-its-kind snow fence

April 21, 2017

The department partnered with the landowners to install a 1,500-ft snow fence as a measure to control blowing snow and maintain traffic safety on Highway 67

Two local landowners have teamed up with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) in District 8 to improve safety on the notorious stretch of Highway 67 west of Granite Falls by building a permanent snow fence.

The landowners and MnDOT have installed a 1,500-ft fence, or approximately ¼ mile, at a distance of 250 ft from the road. It is the first woven fence in Minnesota as well as North America, according to a news release from MnDOT.

This snow fence stands in the field year round and provides continual blowing snow-control protection over the entire 15-year life of the agreement with the option to be renewed after 15 years upon mutual consent between the landowner and MnDOT.

MnDOT employees completed the installation in a week, once posts had been set for it. The fence cost $57,000.