Wastewater Solutions for Hydrodemolition Road & Bridge Repairs

June 17, 2020
Wednesday, June 17, 2020
2 p.m. Eastern | 1 p.m. Central

Robotic Hydrodemolition is rising to the challenge of addressing the need for fast, safe and efficient concrete removal for road and bridge repair applications. But it comes with an obvious question, “What do you do with the wastewater?”

How contractors choose to collect, treat and discharge of wastewater is crucial to a project’s overall success and cost-effectiveness. This webinar will explore how on-site, on-demand treatment systems from reputable original equipment manufacturers can provide safety and efficiency benefits over third-party vacuum services and other aftermarket alternatives, ensuring water independence and giving contractors the ability to recycle water, as well as meeting or exceeding even the strictest environmental restrictions for wastewater treatment.

The webinar will also provide an overview of the Hydrodemolition process, and outline key technologies to consider for the safest, most productive water treatment options.

Learning Objectives:

  • Outline the overall benefits of Hydrodemolition for bridge and road repair applications.
  • Discuss how Hydrodemolition can be used for all bridge components, including bridge deck, piles and parapets.
  • Compare several common wastewater treatment options — third-party vacuum services, aftermarket systems, and on-site OEM solutions.
  • Understand the importance of water independence and recycling for Hydrodemolition applications in terms of budgets and environmental impact.
  • Identify key technologies to optimize safety and efficiency with water treatment system selection.

Aquajet, which was acquired by Brokk AB in 2016, is known as the industry leader in Hydrodemolition machines and solutions, both in terms of quality and volume. Aquajet offers six Hydrodemolition robots with vertical, horizontal and overhead reach capabilities. A range of accessories to expand the robots’ versatility are also available, including spines and frames to help contractors access tough-to-reach areas; attachments for light removal and for small tunnels; and water treatment systems. Additionally, to address contractor challenges, the company developed a number of support machines that make Hydrodemolition easier and more cost-effective than ever for road and bridge repair applications.

Keith Armishaw
Business Development Manager, Aquajet

Keith is the business development manager for Aquajet’s North American subsidiary. Before joining Aquajet in 2019, Armishaw amassed 24 years of industry experience with the brand as a service technician, service manager and sales associate through a Quebec-based distributor. He works closely with the regional sales team to grow awareness of Aquajet’s solutions and enhance customer support with industry-wide educational initiatives that increase understanding of the benefits of Hydrodemolition.

Shawn Kirkpatrick
Service and Application Specialist, Aquajet

Shawn is the service and application specialist for Aquajet’s North American subsidiary and for Brokk Inc. He assists customers with service after the sale for both Aquajet Hydrodemolition robots and Brokk demolition machines. Kirkpatrick has extensive experience with electrical repair and hydraulic theory, repair and application training.