The magnificent seven

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seven models of Volvo G900 motor graders

Built on two distinct but integrated platforms, there are seven models of Volvo G900 motor graders, including two all-wheel-drive machines. Fitted with either a Volvo D7 or Volvo D9 engine, the Volvo G900 product lineup is designed to combine the attributes of productivity, operator friendliness, reliability and ease of service.
The seven models of the range are the Volvo G930, G940, G946, G960, G970, G976 and the G990. The first four models were engineered with the 7.2-L Volvo D7 engine. The larger three use the 9.4-L Volvo D9 engine.
Through extensive operator input, Volvo has integrated into the design the requirements of motor grader customers and users worldwide. Each Volvo G900 motor grader features EU Stage IIIA and U.S. Tier III-certified Volvo engines utilizing Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology.

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