Los Angeles bus route extension draws 10,000 riders in opening weekend

New bike lane incorporated along entire 18-mile route

Transportation Management News Los Angeles Daily News July 02, 2012
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The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority reported 10,000 riders came out for the opening weekend of the four-mile extension of the Orange Line busway, including 7,000 on the first day alone.


The $154 million addition added four stops to the original 14-mile line. The new stations run north-south while the original line travels east-west. A bike lane was also added along the entire length of the route, making it one of the longest in Los Angeles County.


MTA has installed a number of safety measures along the route, such as new traffic lights, red lights embedded in the asphalt; flashing lights to indicate a bus is approaching; and red light arrows telling motorists to avoid making a right turn on red into the busway.


As of Sunday evening, no glitches or traffic accidents were reported as a result of the extended line.

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