Local transportation projects get $160 million boost

Funds approved for localities to improve their roads and bridges

News Virginia Department of Transportation July 19, 2007
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The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) today approved nearly $51 million in matching funds for localities to improve their roads and bridges, including safety projects. The funds are available under the Revenue Sharing Program in which each dollar a participating locality puts toward a project is matched by a dollar from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), up to the maximum available allocation of $1 million per locality.

“This program helps counties, cities and towns make their transportation dollars go further,” said Virginia Secretary of Transportation Pierce Homer. “Revenue sharing is a true partnership between the localities and VDOT to address local transportation needs. The localities determine their priority projects, and the extra funds from VDOT speed up progress on those projects.”

A total of 71 localities submitted requests for revenue sharing funds that will go toward maintenance or construction on primary, secondary or urban road systems. Projects include:

  • Bridge replacements
  • New or reconstructed roads
  • Sight distance and intersection improvements
  • Turn lanes, guardrails and spot widening
  • Bicycle facilities
  • Sidewalk and landscaping projects
  • Drainage improvements
  • Signal and paving projects

Under the current system for allotting revenue sharing funds, those localities that commit more than $1 million and offer additional unmatched funds receive priority. Current unmatched funds of $58 million committed to projects bring the total value of the Revenue Sharing Program to $160 million for addressing transportation needs across the commonwealth.

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