Sound Transit Selects Mobilitie to Bring 5G to New Northgate Link Expansion

Nov. 13, 2020

The network will support all major wireless carriers and ensure riders have a strong and reliable connection on more than 20 miles of rail.

Mobilitie, a privately held wireless infrastructure firm in the nation, will deploy state-of-the-art wireless network infrastructure for Sound Transit’s developing light rail system, part of the largest transit expansion project in the country.

Sound Transit is a multi-phase light rail project connecting central Seattle to surrounding suburbs/neighborhoods. Mobilitie has already deployed a wireless network on the 20-mile Central Link and 3-mile U-Link segments, with all major wireless carriers participating to provide world-class wireless coverage and capacity to passengers. Mobilitie’s network is designed to ensure Sound Transit passengers have uninterrupted service wherever they travel, whether above or below ground.

As Sound Transit expands its service to Northgate, scheduled to begin service in 2021, the company is enabling next-generation wireless capabilities throughout the additional 4 miles for thousands of daily visitors.

“We’re excited to bring 5G to the rails in Seattle’s booming tech community,” said Alan Goree, Director of Wireless Solutions of Mobilitie. “Whether it’s downloading files for that big meeting on the ride into work, or unwinding and streaming your favorite show on the way home, we’re enabling Sound Transit riders to make the most of their commutes with greater connectivity and wireless access.”

With more than 250 antennas, the wireless network on the Northgate Link Extension includes more than 150,000 ft of fiber and cabling that provides a strong and reliable connection and backbone that will also facilitate future technologies. Commuters, students and tourists alike will be able to experience seamless wireless connectivity as they travel throughout the Puget Sound.