Kentucky Transportation Cabinet releases 2020 Recommended Highway Plan

The plan prioritizes road safety improvements on rural roads and the installation of guardrails across the state

January 31, 2020
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet 2020 Recommended Highway Plan
Image: Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) this week rolled out its 2020 Recommended Highway Plan that features a historic two-year investment of $100 million to improve safety conditions on rural roads through the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). 

The plan—which KYTC says would prioritize safety and fast-track major regional access projects to improve the quality of life for Kentucky residents—also infuses $8 million in the biennium to install more than 100 miles of life-saving guardrail across the state and invests $367.5 million to accelerate progress on the Mountain Parkway and I-69 Ohio River Crossing projects.

The additional state funding that would boost federal HSIP activities to $100 million over the next two years was made possible by adding $23 million in state funding to the HSIP effort. The plan also advances five school safety projects, with $10.7 million set aside to build new turn lanes that address traffic congestion and improve access in and out of schools in five counties.

The $8 million for the guardrail program aims to address over 400 guardrail projects in the state's 3,400-mile backlog of guardrail needs, as well as providing a solution to the 60% of traffic-related deaths in the state that result from highway departures.

The plan continues to invest $80 million annually in the repair and replacement of critical bridges across the Commonwealth, and also invests up to $200 million annually in the improvement of pavement conditions statewide.

Among some of the major regional access projects highlighted in the plan, KYTC included a total of $77 million in design, right of way, utilities, and construction funding over the next two years to build a portion of the I-69 Ohio River Crossing in western Kentucky.

KYTC says the 2020 Recommended Highway Plan is based on revenue forecasts of $6.1 billion in traditional state and federal highway dollars during FY 2021 - 2026.


SOURCE: Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

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