Kansas leads the way in tire-pavement noise research

News The Transtec Group April 08, 2005
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Engineers from the Transtec Center for Pavement Surface Characteristics (TCPSC) in partnership with the public and private sectors of the Kansas pavement industry released this week a groundbreaking report on tire-pavement noise data. This is the first known study in the nation to use state-of-the-art Close Proximity (CPX) Sound Intensity (SI) technology to evaluate thirteen different pavement surface types.

Both Kansas DOT and the nation’s surface characteristics industry are expected to reap great benefits from this report. Tire-pavement noise experts from TCPSC collected data on a US 69 test section constructed with a series of pavement surface features. These features included multiple diamond grinding configurations, longitudinal tining, astroturf drag, carpet drag, and varied joint widths. The results of the study will provide better information for transportation departments in designing quiet concrete pavements.

The collaboration between the public and private groups in Kansas allowed the two sectors to combine efforts and produce a more meaningful study. “The TCPSC is leading the way in tire/pavement noise testing,” said Mr. Matt Ross, executive director of the Missouri/Kansas Chapter of the American Concrete Pavement Association. “We look forward to partnering with the TCPSC in the future to help make concrete pavements even smoother and quieter.”

The noise data was gathered using two specialized microphones attached to a standardized test vehicle. Environmental conditions were also recorded to increase the accuracy of the data. The tests were conducted at highway speed across the concrete pavement test sections.

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