ITS: Massachusetts DOT installs real-time traffic signage through state

The new intelligent traffic management system will measure speed and travel times

October 12, 2016
Massachusetts Department of Transportation's Real Time Traffic Signs
The new intelligent traffic management system will measure speed and travel times

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is continuing to press forward in its statewide application of GO Time Intelligent Transportation signs, which are being installed in areas of traditionally high traffic.

The system will operate, once all signs are placed and networked, by anonymously tracking Bluetooth technology carried by drivers, measuring speeds and travel times. Temporary message boards currently in use will be replaced with permanent standard green federal highway signs with an embedded digital travel time display. The entire GO Time Intelligent Transportation System, when completed, will include 132 new travel time signs and 121 Bluetooth readers. The total cost of all locations now in operation and the statewide expansion is an estimated $17.5 million, with federal funds covering 80% of the cost.

Federal legislation requires states that implement such systems to provide whatever real-time traffic information they gather to the public. The signs are expected to be active before the end of this year. The GO Time information will also be available through MassDOT open data initiatives to provide feeds of real-time information to web and smartphone app developers and is the latest step in the Big Data initiative, opening transportation data for developers to assist in building a customer-friendly, healthy and sustainable transportation system.

Image source: MassDOT

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