Utah DOT unveils technology to help buses arrive on time

Feb. 15, 2018

UTA buses in Salt Lake City will be equipped with systems to communicate with traffic signals

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has developed a communication system between Utah Transit Authority (UTA) buses and traffic signals that will help buses arrive on time in Salt Lake City.

The Dedicated Short Range Communications system uses software called Multi-Modal Intelligent Traffic Signal Systems. UDOT’s engineers have installed cabinets with the technology inside of them along with radio systems at 24 intersections along Redwood Road in the city. It is the first operational communications system of its kind in the country.

The system allows an intersection to maintain a green light longer in order to allow a late bus extra time to pass through.

Eventually UDOT will use this same technology all over the state and be able to communicate from car to car. The end goal would be not to only save time, but save lives by using the technology to prevent collisions.


Source: KSTU-TV