AUTOMATED VEHICLES: Polish city plans autonomous car zone that extends to whole city

Aug. 17, 2017

The city of Jaworzno, Poland, has created a special legal framework that supports the operation of autonomous cars and trucks throughout the city

On August 10, authorities for the city of Jaworzno, located in southern Poland west of Krakow, signed a letter of intent with Comtegra and the Polish Ministry of Transport to begin mapping the entire city so that autonomous cars can operate there.

Thanks to an ongoing City of Ideas process, Jaworzno has created a special legal framework for the city that supports the operation of autonomous cars and trucks, most of which will be powered by electricity.

Comtegra will be responsible for developing legal, technical and organizational guidelines to ensure the safety of the roads designated as acceptable for autonomous vehicles. The scanning of the city itself will last about a month. After that work is completed, the next task is tagging, which will last at least a few more months.

Jaworzno is also thinking about bringing a Hyperloop test track to the city, using land previously utilized by a railroad. Whatever the future of transportation, the city and surrounding area intend to form a place where new ideas and technologies can thrive. 


Source: Clean Technica