Innovation, Challenges and Success Stories: Caltrans I-710 PAVEMENT & REHABILITATION PROJECT

Feb. 25, 2022

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This webinar features an award-winning project, completed 18 months ahead of schedule due to advanced planning efforts and resequencing of the project staging. Flatiron and Caltrans developed an excellent working relationship which has been beneficial to both parties and the public. This strong relationship was fostered early on by adopting open communication and transparency with goals and objectives developed by partnering. This webinar will present technical and practical innovations that resulted in a project success including the First ever use of Continuously Reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP)  with Rapid Strength Concrete (RSC), Sustainable innovation with material reuse and construction over one of the largest active BNSF rail yards in the country.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Lane replacement using Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement (JPCP) Rapid Strength Concrete (RSC)
  • Continuously Reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP)  with Rapid Strength Concrete (RSC)
  • Weekend Closures and Schedule Management
  • Owner/Client Collaboration
  • Sustainable / Green Construction
  • Stakeholder Coordination 


George Butorovich

George Butorovich has 38 years of experience in heavy civil construction, with specialized expertise in concrete paving. He has overseen several projects that included bridge construction widening, complex MOT and concrete and HMA paving in Caltrans Districts 6, 7, 8, 11 and 12. He has managed the placement of more than 4 million cy of concrete on the roads, highways, and airfields of seven states.

George has completed highway expansion, widening rehab projects on SR118, SR 138 and SR 14, and Arizona, Nevada and Texas, gaining years of experience in construction in desert conditions. An industry leader, George is the board chairman of the Southwest Concrete Pavement Association. He is the industry co-chair of the Concrete Task Group for the California Pavement Materials Partnering Committee, working with Caltrans to develop specifications and scoping documents for concrete paving. He recently helped develop the white-topping concrete specification used on Caltrans projects.

Michael Roe

Michael’s 20 years of construction industry experience includes a well-rounded background in estimating and managing bridge construction and rehabilitation projects. His ability to partner with owners to plan and coordinate complex projects drives him to deliver every project he manages on budget and on (or ahead of) schedule. Michael brings his value-added skills to his projects during preconstruction and facilitates a safe and timely project delivery during construction. 

Most of Michael's construction experience has been on bridge and highway projects delivered under time constraints. He has also managed several projects with significant environmental restrictions and requirements, including planning work performed in water, such as cofferdams, work trestles and CIDH pile installation.

Michael possesses a unique ability to collaborate with owners and stakeholders to deliver successful projects. He brings this collaborative attitude and technical knowledge to the preconstruction and construction phases of each of his projects.

Nathan Haston

A member of Flatiron since an intern at CSU, Nathan excels in heavy civil construction's fast-paced and evolving environment, consistently leveraging his team's unique experiences to solve project problems. He is an effective communicator who ably manages personnel from various disciplines to achieve common project objectives, collaborating with owners and stakeholders throughout each project. 

As a project engineer, he works closely with his team to outline work plans and assign duties, responsibilities, and scope of authority. Nathan’s creativity, attention to detail, multi-tasking abilities, and time management skills are the key to his professional success at Flatiron. His projects include concrete and asphalt highway paving, roadways and bridges construction. His recent work on I-710 required complex maintenance of traffic throughout construction.