The Beginning of INFRA Funding

Sept. 23, 2022
Building up our infrastructure through federal funding

Funding from the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) is starting to be awarded to cities across the nation. Many programs from the IIJA are funding different sectors of American infrastructure including roadways, technology, and environmental projects. This week, let’s look at some projects that are being funded by the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America Program (INFRA).

What is INFRA?

According to the United Sates Department of Transportation (USDOT), INFRA utilizes selection criteria that promote projects with national and regional economic vitality goals while leveraging non-federal funding to increase the total investment by state, local, and private partners. The program also incentivizes project sponsors to pursue innovative strategies, including public-private partnerships. INFRA promotes the incorporation of innovative technology, such as broadband deployment and intelligent transportation systems, that will improve our transportation system.

Funding for Projects

  • Downtown Mile Safety and Connectivity Improvement Project: This rural project in Arizona was awarded approximately $32.5 million. This project aims to deliver pedestrian safety improvements and freight and passenger rail infrastructure enhancements. The project will improve quality of life and transportation equity for local residents.
  • Otay Mesa East Port of Entry Project: This urban project in California was awarded $150 million. The project aims to construct a new toll road and Port of Entry facility at Otay Mesa. The project is expected to bring positive economic benefits by facilitating freight movement and spurring job creation.
  • I-70 Floyd Hill to Veterans Memorial Tunnel Improvements: This rural project in Colorado was awarded $100 million. The project aims to improve approximately 8 miles of the I-70 Mountain Corridor. The project will improve the horizontal curves, fencing, and the construction of additional lanes will deliver safety benefits by reducing collisions between vehicles, trucks, and wildlife.
  • I-4 West Central Florida Truck Parking Facility: This rural project in Florida was awarded $15 million. The project aims to construct a new truck parking facility with approximately 120 spaces, electric charging stations, and pedestrian infrastructure to access nearby commercial amenities. This project addresses a shortage in parking for commercial vehicles on a corridor between Tampa and Orlando.
  • South Port Container Yard and Electrification Project Phase 3: This rural project in Florida was awarded approximately $12 million. The project aims to construct an approximately 16.5-acre container yard, install electrical systems, construct an access road, and construct roughly three foundations and utilities for future radiation portal monitors. The project expands capacity at the container yard and modernizes infrastructure to reduce backlogs and delays.
  • CREATE WA-1 Segment - Ogden Junction: This urban project in Illinois was awarded $70 million. The project will rehabilitate railroad track, upgrade signaling, and replace, remove, or rehabilitate 18 viaduct structures. The project will improve an elevated, multi-track, high-density freight rail corridor in Chicago that is over 100 years old and needs to be modernized.
  • Rockport Bridge Rehabilitation Freight Rail Project: This rural project in Kentucky was awarded approximately $17 million. This project aims to rehabilitate the Rockport Railroad Bridge by replacing the deck, filling in portions of the existing approach with rockfill and culvert pipes, and upgrading the electrical and mechanical components that allow the bridge to be raised. This project makes important investments in this 100-year-old bridge, allowing it to operate at a full level of performance.
  • North Baton Rouge Mobility Projects: This urban project in Louisiana was awarded approximately $60 million. The project has three components:
  •      -      1) The Airline Highway North Expansion will improve a five-mile segment of U.S. Route 190 by adding a lane in each direction, improving turn lanes, and adding connections to local transit, bike, and pedestrian networks.
  •      -       2) The Florida Boulevard component will make pedestrian and bus improvements, and establishes BRT infrastructure along approximately six miles of Business U.S. Route 90.     
  •     -       3) The Scotlandville Parkway Mobility Network will convert an existing trail to a new, linear, multimodal pathway for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Preque Isle Corridor Project: This rural project in Maine was awarded approximately $44 million. This project will complete phase 2 of a commercial 2-lane bypass route of Preque Isle’s Main Street (US Route 1). The bypass will reduce traffic at five known high crash locations, and reduce emissions.
  • Downeast Coastal US 1 Rehabilitation Project: This rural project in Maine was awarded $33 million. The project aims to rehabilitate approximately 68 miles of US 1 in Washington County. The project’s safety improvements and shoulder widening are expected to significantly reduce the number of lane departure crashes.

Looking at these projects, transportation is going to be safer and more efficient for vehicles, freights, and pedestrians in the United States moving forward. The list of projects that are being funded is growing, so stay tuned next week when we dive into more projects funded by INFRA, and be sure to catch up on our previous IIJA here.


Source: USDOT

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