iCOMS TMS-SA Portable traffic counter

April 20, 2021
iCOMS TMS-SA Portable traffic counter

The iCOMS TMS-SA is a nonintrusive, portable traffic counter/classifier designed for one- or two-lane roads in urban and residential areas from International Road Dynamics Inc. Using a Doppler radar, the TMS-SA traffic counter counts vehicles, measures speed and classifies up to four length categories. The iCOMS TMS-SA uses no road tubes or in-road sensors, providing the benefits of safer, quicker installation, discreet data collection and all-weather operation. Newly developed software makes it easier to set up the radar, download data and easily generate reports.


  • Setup and download data via Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Records date, hour, speed and length of each vehicle
  • Memory of 1,000,000 vehicles
  • Radar auto-adjusts to the direction of traffic
  • Self-adjustment and short installation time
  • No road tube or sensors required
  • Data analysis software included

Comprehensive Traffic Data

  • volume – speed – classification
  • time stamped to 1/100th of a second
  • 1 or 2 lanes in opposite directions
  • vehicle by vehicle data
  • extensive easy-to-use software
  • full data analysis package
  • able to export to Excel, FIME, etc.

Useful and Flexible

  • 3 weeks autonomy, rechargeable batteries
  • extended installation height settings (from 1 to 8 meters)
  • wireless communication (Bluetooth) for parameters setting and data collection from your vehicle


  • determine peak times for speed violations
  • collect data without affecting driver behavior