ROADS/BRIDGES: Oregon lawmakers still waiting on ODOT review

April 6, 2016

If ODOT wants to receive an increase in funding it needs to prove operating efficiency

The Oregon DOT needs to prove itself if there is plans to improve the road and bridge system in the state.

Five months ago, Gov. Kate Brown called for officials to launch a performance review of the transportation agency, and so far nothing has been done.

State lawmakers have said if ODOT wants to receive an increase in transportation funding it needs to prove it is operating efficiently. The Oregon Transportation Commission said a search for contractors to conduct a review could happen in the next few weeks, but the report might not be completed until December, or even later. ODOT estimated the cost of such a review could be as much as $500,000.

“The oversight committee has met. They have looked at and refined the scope of work, and they are currently looking to send out a draft,” said Oregon Transportation Commission Chairperson Tammy Baney.

ODOT’s spending has been under scrutiny for years. In 2003, $65,000 was spent to send a staffer to Washington, D.C., Brussels, Barcelona, Singapore and Australia to research alternatives to the gas tax.