The Grinder Hog with Computer Controlled Profiling

March 10, 2021

The Grinder Hog (GH8000) from Hog Technologies is their latest innovation that utilizes anywhere from 2 to 4 grander heads to perform grinding, grooving, sinusoidal rumble strips and much more. While there are many parts of the grinder hog that simplify the process and increase efficiency of any job there are two very important aspects that make it the technological leader. First CCP (Computer Controlled Profiling) which manages all of the cutters in a single operator environment and secondly a computer controlled vacuum system that manages the movement of materials and filter cleaning. 

CCP utilizes SMART CYLINDERS to control the synchronization of XY and Z axis on every head together with each one so that a single operator can manage the placement of any type of cut simultaneously in the road surface. Weather grooving a skip pattern, cutting a recessed profile for RPMs, plunge cutting for “H” frame RPMs, or cutting sinusoidal rumbles strips CCP will manage the placement of these cuts simultaneously in the surface. A robust state of the art 12-inch touchscreen provides advanced operator interface. The many one touch features give the operator the tools necessary to make changes to these cut types and patterns while cutting. With tools like bump up/down, zero-point setting, hold/release, master follower relationship, virtual tape measure, and much more CCP makes it all possible! 

The computer controlled vacuum system utilizes positive displacement blowers to guarantee airflow (up to 6600 CFM) even while this air is loaded with material. It manages the needed airflow to each head while monitoring the delta “V” over each filter. With patented sonic vibration and forced reversed airflow (double the CFM in reverse) it manages the cleaning of filters while working or at the point at which material is offloaded. Even after 5,000,000 feet of grooving you will have a delta V that is very similar to brand new filters. 

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