BoardWalk Ramp & Platform

Dec. 9, 2020

BoardWalk Ramp & Platform provide an accessible, detectable, continuous curb transition for pedestrians, including those with limited vision or mobility issues.

Modular, Temporary Ramp:

BoardWalk Temporary Pedestrian Modular Ramp provides accessible, detectable, safer guidance when temporary pedestrian access routes cross curbs at locations other than permanent sidewalk crossings. Boardwalk RAMP is installed perpendicular to the curb, replacing curb transitions and temporary ramps that are not ADA-compliant.

Temporary, Modular, Bi-Directional Platform:

The BoardWalk Platform attaches to the BoardWalk Ramp and is idea for applications that require a ramp installed parallel to the curb. To accommodate both directions, BoardWalk Platform is designed with moveable, detachable edges and handrails. Users can switch from left to right-turning ramps in two quick and easy changes.

ADA Compliance:

Both the BoardWalk Ramp and Platform are ADA-compliant. The Ramp allows for any slope of 1” rise for 12” run. Modular edge support castings provide guidance for canes and walking devices. Castings accommodate handrails, which provide detectable guidance. Both the Ramp and Platform are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs.

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