With Speedy, Reliable Sweeping Services, TCM Sweeping Prides Itself on its Top-Notch Fleet of Equipment

Jan. 7, 2021

Since 1979, TCM Sweeping Inc. has offered sweeping and disposal services to customers across Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. The family-owned and operated business relies on a fleet of more than 70 vehicles to get the job done. And for the past eight years, the company has exclusively purchased sweepers from Schwarze Industries.

“TCM Sweeping only purchases and maintains the finest sweeping equipment available, which in our opinion is the Schwarze lineup,” said Joe Glassmire, vice president of TCM Sweeping. “Their local dealer and factory support are second to none, period. We have been at this a long time and if anybody would know, it would be us.”

Operator Satisfaction

With TCM operators using Schwarze’s M6000 series sweepers for 10 to 12 hours each day, reliability is a necessary feature. Glassmire says he hears great feedback from employees on that front. 

“Schwarze’s M6000 series sweepers, we feel, are the superior heavy duty sweeper available,” he said. “We have found the line to fit well with our operations.”

For Frank Kein, TCM equipment operator, a key feature of the Schwarze sweepers is the height capability and long shoot of the hopper. This allows him to stay a few feet away from a dump truck when he pulls up to dump the sweeper.

“In the old days, you had to be one foot from their mirror, and you would beat the truck up,” he said. “This thing goes so high, and with the long shoot it’s no problem. You can fill the dump truck just like you’re filling it with a wheel loader.”

Kein said he also appreciates the tilt and how easily the brooms toggle in and out. “Obviously they made it operator-friendly with all the functions and the presets for your brooms,” he said, adding that the sweepers are comfortable to operate. 

The Bluetooth feature also sets the machines apart, allowing operators to stay off their phone while driving and answer calls with just a swipe. This means drivers can keep two hands on the wheel and their dashboard while still communicating with customers and others on the team.

The strength of the Schwarze sweepers is also notable, Kein said. “I don’t even set my pressures at 100 percent. I can mill regular 8-foot cut at around 80 percent, and the truck just gobbles it right up,” he said.

With the color-coded, clearly labeled controls dashboard, Kein estimates that an operator could learn how to use a new M6000 sweeper in just one week.

Delivering Results

The modern sweeping technology allows TCM to deliver the productivity required to meet their time-sensitive deadlines for milling and paving projects.

With this strong fleet of vehicles, the company is able to guarantee that replacement sweepers are always available to ensure no equipment downtime, along with guaranteeing same-day service within just one hour. 

The machines also help the company stay compliant with all state and federal safety regulations—and even bring in awards. TCM is the recipient of the New Jersey DOT Work Safety award, reflecting the care taken to keep employees and customers safe.

Along with its knowledgeable employees, the top-notch fleet of sweeping vehicles has helped TCM Sweeping become a respected leader in the industry and a trusted sweeping contractor in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware tri-state area.

After seeing these consistent benefits, Kein recommends other contractors opt for Schwarze’s sweepers. 

“I believe it’s the best out there,” he said. “We’ve had them all. Just from running brooms for over 20 years, this is the one I like most.”

For more information, visit www.schwarze.com

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