Nov. 28, 2001
Winter solace

Winter solace

With winter quickly approaching, let’s all take a cue from two of our neighbors to the north about the importance of obeying posted signs.

Winter solace

Winter solace

With winter quickly approaching, let’s all take a cue from two of our neighbors to the north about the importance of obeying posted signs.

Jessica, 19, and Robyn, 21, took a few wrong turns earlier this year driving through, ironically, Douro-Dummer Township in Ontario and found themselves wandering through seasonal trails marked "KEEP OUT."

Before they knew it, their car was stuck on a rock. Trying to dislodge it, they somehow managed to set the vehicle on fire and were forced to abandon it along with the survival kit inside containing a blanket, flashlight and flares.

Things only got worse from there. The duo then proceeded to stumble through a forest for two hours before they fell through an ice cover and into a stream. They were finally found by a rabbit hunter twelve hours later.

Between the pair, two feet, seven toes and four fingers were lost to frostbite. The women are now reportedly launching a lawsuit against the township, claiming that their injuries resulted from "poor signage."

This will look lovely in the study

Harleyville, S.C., is having their own signage problems, but for slightly different reasons.

Seems that Harley-Davidson riders have taken to swiping the town limits sign for use as home decor. Stolen signs have been found as far away as Florida. The city is now on its fifth sign in as many years.

I’m with stupid

A woman recently arrested in Connecticut on drunk driving charges made a curious decision when calling for a ride home from the police station. She called the guy she had been drinking with that evening, Mike.

Staggering into the police headquarters looking for his buddy, Sandra, the man was detained for a sobriety test himself. After he failed, a routine background check revealed that Sandra had previously obtained a restraining order against him, meaning that he couldn’t come in contact with her anyway, even if she said it was OK.

Mike was charged with driving while intoxicated as well, plus violating a restraining order.

Dash for cash

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Or so the driver of a Brinks armored truck thought recently.

While waiting for a co-worker to pick up a deposit at a Gainesville, Fla., home improvement store, the driver, James Parker, took off.

The truck was later found with the engine running in the Brinks parking lot, but Parker and the cash, totalling several hundred thousand dollars, are still missing.

Things turned weird(er) for a 30-year-old woman from Malta visiting an Ontario man she met on the Internet.

Driving down the 401 during rush hour in the man’s van, the pair got into an argument. The next thing witnesses saw was the woman flying out of the van and skidding over to the shoulder.

The vehicle had been traveling at 60 mph and made no attempt to stop or slow down. It’s unclear whether the woman jumped, fell or was pushed.

The man was arrested 20 minutes later driving the wrong way on the highway’s eastbound lanes. The woman is expected to recover and return home when she is well enough to travel.

Less is more in Singapore

Surprised to see such enthusiasm in Singapore for golf lately? Well, there isn’t, those are just the new electric cars being used as part of a new shared car service.

With the help of Honda, two-seat electric golf cart-looking cars called "City Pals" can be rented by the hour or day. They have a top speed of 50 mph and can run 80 miles before needing to be recharged.

Might as well jump

While Omaha, Neb., police recently tried to talk a suicidal man down from an overpass, an unsympathetic police radio began playing "Jump" by Van Halen.

The man eventually surrendered after four hours and most likely didn’t hear the song. Nonetheless, police chief Don Carey was not very happy. He said the broadcast was inappropriate and has ordered an investigation. Terminations are possible.

Carey was later angered to hear "Cop Killer" by Ice-T blaring inside the independent counsel’s office.