May 13, 2001
Transmission Tool

Transmission Tool

Allison Transmission, an Indianapolis-based division of General Motors, has introduced Diagnostic Tool, a PC-based, full-feature software application supporting WTEC II and III control syst

Transmission Tool

Transmission Tool

Allison Transmission, an Indianapolis-based division of General Motors, has introduced Diagnostic Tool, a PC-based, full-feature software application supporting WTEC II and III control systems.

The PC-based software enables technicians to access diagnostic data from a vehicle’s transmission and follow code-driven hyperlinks to correct troubleshooting steps. By simply double clicking on a transmission diagnostic code displayed on the user’s Diagnostic Tool-equipped PC screen, the technician is transported to the specific location in a troubleshooting manual in order to begin the repair process.

Embedded troubleshooting manuals, complete with graphics, also are accessible for reference without using the code-driven hyperlinks.

Emphasis on equipment, the website for LoJack Corp., Dedham, Md., has been relaunched with an emphasis on product and purchasing information for fleet, tractor-trailer and heavy construction industry managers and owner-operators.

According to the company, surveys have indicated that an increasing number of professional risk managers are utilizing the Internet for research in addressing the escalating problem of equipment theft. In response, the commercial portion of the company’s website offers the decision-makers this exact type of equipment theft information.

In the website’s construction section, users will find two categories of products that LoJack offers for vehicle and equipment protection—Stolen Vehicle Recovery System and Locate by LoJack. Both of these products are designed to keep track of heavy equipment and vehicles and retrieve them if they are stolen.

Mobile job-related software

Prolog Pocket software for Palm OS handheld units was released by Meridian Project Systems, Sacramento, Calif. With the software, A/E/C professionals can manage and track many aspects of their jobs from the field using a Palm including: each company’s labor hours, work performed and equipment; weather conditions; notable events and visitors; safety notices; notices to comply; and punch lists.

According to the manufacturer, the software can be used as a management tool for superintendents, field engineers quality inspectors, safety coordinators and architects or engineers who spend a lot of their time on the jobsite.

A total station

The Zeiss Elta C30, a mid-range total station for the survey industry, has been introduced by Surveyors Module International, a Dubuque, Iowa-based division of Eagle Point Software.

Used in combination with the company’s HP48 Package or Titan Windows CE hardware and software, the unit features a compact design, QuickDrive, IPX4 waterproofing and the speed of a servo-base instrument without the power consumption. It reads out direct to one second, has an accuracy of three seconds and can shoot 8,200 ft to a single prism.

QuickDrive technology features co-axial friction-based tangents and endless fine motion for a smooth, convenient and fast-staking process.

Software upgrade

Dexter + Chaney, Seattle, has released enhanced Project Management software with Version 10 of its Forefront Construction Management Software. Project Management, a fully integrated component of Forefront, is designed to document and track changes to a job’s original contract that might create a cost impact.

New features provide grater job control for busy highway project managers, adding to its existing capability to track RFIs, submittals, transmittals, daily logs and more.

A new change request system allows users to create and submit change requests from documented RFIs and custom issues. It also makes it easy to combine items along with a cost estimate, including subcontract change requests, and submit them for approval.

Once items are changed, the software easily creates a change order for billing. Documentation and pricing from the change request are automatically rolled into the change order.

Stronger GPS

Leica Geosystems, Torrance, Calif., released Version 2.03 of the GIS/GPS receiver with Maximum Tracking, a feature that permits acquisition and tracking of GPS satellite signals under weak signal conditions.

The tracking technology has been developed by the company to improve efficiency of data collection in locations where the satellite signal is attenuated by foliage or other obstructions. With the tracking system, the GS50 user can continue to gather satellite position data in real-time even under a dense forest canopy.

When using the tracking technology, the GS50 receiver effectively lowers the signal strength threshold required to acquire GPS satellites, thus permitting it to track satellites that would otherwise be rejected due to lower signal strength.