Dec. 28, 2000
Computer training

Computer training

The new version of IntelliCAD Computer-Based Business Training (CBT) software has been released by Eagle Point Software.

IntelliCAD 2000 CBT contains over 100 lessons determining the use of the

Computer training

Computer training

The new version of IntelliCAD Computer-Based Business Training (CBT) software has been released by Eagle Point Software.

IntelliCAD 2000 CBT contains over 100 lessons determining the use of the commands on the recently released IntelliCAD 2000. Lesson areas include drawing basic objects in IntelliCAD 2000, entity snaps mode and geometric constructions, working with dimensions, basic editing and more.

CBT features step-by-step instructions in each lesson. An explanation of why the steps are being completed helps the user to understand the concepts and thought process behind each step. Before every series of lessons, there is a section that defines the commands and what they do. Also included in the CBT is an interactive quiz that allows the user to test their skills while learning more about IntelliCAD 2000.

Internet support center

Quest Solutions has made it easier for its customers to take advantage of their comprehensive and support options—all they have to do is log on to the support center at where they can get the service and support they need.

Contractors who go to the company’s home page can check out a preview of the services and features available through the support center. These include online training sessions with a Quest trainer; instant e-mail technical support for Quest products; the latest company software updates, available for downloading; tips and tricks; electronic versions of the company’s software documentation; training video archives; networking opportunities; and technical essays and white papers on a variety of estimating topics.

In the zone

National Intelligent Traffic Systems has launched its new Intelligent Work Zone software. This traffic and work area management program is designed specifically for construction work zones. It allows DOT traffic control centers and road construction centers the ability to quickly and easily create maps and control and verify roadside devices in real-time.

It also allows users to see what is happening as it is happening by featuring on-screen display. The easy point-and-click interface gives the user the ability to custom design road and highway maps and place devices, or the user can import actual scanned roadmaps. The standard and customizable "what if" statements allow the user to control how the software responds in a given situation.

Additionally, the software features real-time logging, six levels of security and true layout display of signs and device locations.

New product suite

GeoMedia 4.0 delivers improved performance and increased productivity to GIS professionals with expanded data access and integration tools, improved plotting workflow featuring the new GeoMedia SmartPlot tools and more than 75 customer-driven enhancements, according to manufacturer Intergraph Corp.

The GeoMedia product suite includes GeoMedia, GeoMedia Professional, GeoMedia Web Map and Geo Media Web Enterprise.

With this release, the company delivers open and productive solutions for GIS and IT professionals who deploy GIS and share data across the enterprise. The GeoMedia 4.0 product suite offers new features and enhancements including expanded data server support; advanced plotting capabilities; customer-driven enhancements; and a commitment to open standards.

Electronic data conversion

A new Electronic Data Conversion (EDC) utility for Dexter + Chaney’s Forefront Construction Management Software makes it easier and quicker for heavy/highway contractors to convert to Forefront.

The EDC utility focuses on the areas that are both labor-intensive and crucial for a complete conversion. The file maintenance component includes vendors, customers, employees and inventory items. The transaction component covers job cost history, and both open accounts-payable and ac counts-receivable invoices.

The process begins with the conversion of data files in the contractor’s current software to a text file format. To simplify the process, the EDC in Forefront provides the required file layouts and Microsoft Access ’97 template. Contractors then use the EDC to import their files electronically to Forefront.

Coming soon

Scheduled for release this summer, Intersection Design from Eagle Point software is unmatched in the timesaving it offers designers of intersections, according to company officials.

The software helps automate the entire design process, including analyzing the design and calculating intersection quantities. The end result is a complete surface model that represents the finished grade of the intersection.

In a test conducted by company engineers, the software was utilized to produce designs up to 10 times faster than with other automation tools not dedicated solely to the design of intersections.

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