The Dynamic Duo: Trucks and Trailers

Dec. 28, 2000
Without trucks and trailers nothing on the job site would get done. For without them there would be no way to transport the building material or the machinery and equipment used to construct a road or a bridge. Together the tag team of a truck and a trailer provide crucial support to the project. The team's joint efforts haul the material, whether it be concrete, asphalt, dirt or gravel, and bring in the equipment, whether it be as small as a skid-steer or as large as a paver.
Without trucks and trailers nothing on the job site would get done. For without them there would be no way to transport the building material or the machinery and equipment used to construct a road or a bridge. Together the tag team of a truck and a trailer provide crucial support to the project. The team's joint efforts haul the material, whether it be concrete, asphalt, dirt or gravel, and bring in the equipment, whether it be as small as a skid-steer or as large as a paver. Working together the truck and the trailer is the backbone of the logistical effort to complete a construction project. The following is a brief look at some trucks and trailers available today.



The new Cat D350E articulated truck has replaced the D350D model. The new model is powered by a direct injection, turbocharged and after-cooled Caterpillar 3406 diesel engine, rated at 340 hp at 2,000 rpm. It is a six-cylinder, four-stroke engine with a 30% torque rise. The truck features an electronically controlled Caterpillar planetary autoshift transmission. The electronic programmable transmission control monitors engine rpm electronically and executes shifts at factory-present points.

The design of the new model also has taken into account driver comfort. The cab includes an electronic monitoring system, tilt steering wheel, and an air suspension seat. The seat's cushioned side-bolsters limit side-to-side movements in rough terrain and on slopes. It offers seven-position for and aft adjustment, three position lower back support, three levels of suspension dampening, operator weight support adjustment and three-position seat cushion tilt.


Their product line includes the FLD 112SD and the FLD 120SD conventional dump trucks. Both models are set-back front axle, dual-drive trucks, that do not include the dump bodies. The 120SD features a 120-in. BBC aluminum, non-sleeper cab with a heavy-duty cab kit. This model is powered by a Caterpillar 3406C, 425-hp at 1,900-rpm engine with an engine break. It has a 1,500 watt/115 volt block heater. The engine is cooled by a 1,203-sq-in. cross-flow radiator with draincock. It's transmission is a Fuller RTLO-14618A 18-speed with frame-mounted transmission cooler and rear support leaf spring. The clutch is a Rockwell Hi-capacity 15.5-in. dampened ceramic 2-plate.

The 112SD has a 112-in. BBC aluminum, non-sleeper cab. This truck's power is supplied by a Cummins M11-310E, 310-hp at 2,000 rpm engine with a Jacobs compression brake.


The company offers a full line of trucks suited for dump, mixer or long haul applications. The W900S has a rear axle rating of 58,000 lb, a front axle rating of 20,000 lb with 3-leaf taper springs and a wheel cut of 37.5 deg. Engine options include either Caterpillar or Cummins and is designed vocational truck applications.

The T800 can be set up as a quad axle dump truck, a tri-axle dump truck, a semi end-dump truck, a 6x6 mixer, a set back front axle mixer or a sliding mixer system tractor. Beside transporting material this model can also be used in a lowboy set up to haul machinery. The short hood model has a GVWR of 78,000 lb while the standard model has a GVWR of 92,000 lb.


The company offers a number of model series for use in the construction market. The RB Series for instance can be used in dumper or mixer applications. Its axle-back design shortens the wheelbase and decreases its turning radius, aiding its use on tight construction sites. For larger tasks, where space is not an issue, Mack offers the RD Series. Design to handle engines with up to 500 hp, it can be used as a dumper or mixer.

Another series design to accommodate powerful engines such as the Mack 500-hp E9 V-8 diesel engine, is the CL Series. This truck comes in a full range of configurations for both highway and on/off-highway needs.

The company also is offering a new engine, the E-Tech. It is available in three families and 10 power ratings, from 275 to 460 BHP. With it's improved throttle response it is 20% to 30% quicker than the current E7.

Mitsubishi Fuso

Their latest truck is the FG, a 4-wheel drive, medium-duty cabover truck, with a GVWR of 12,000 lb. It is powered by a Mitsubishi 4D34-2AT3A, 4-stroke, water-cooled direct injection, turbocharged, intercooled diesel engine. Maximum output is 135 hp/3,000 rpm with a maximum torque of 253 lb ft/1,800 rpm.

Mitsubishi Fuso also offers its FK/FM models, which cover Classes 6 through 7, with GVWRs ranging from the 23,000 lb of the FK Class 6 to the 32,900 lb of the FM-SR/FM-SP Class 7. The FM models can be used in a number of vocational body configurations, and offer wheel bases from 181.9 in. to 230.3 in.

Moxy Trucks

Moxy Trucks of America has announced the introduction of the improved 30-ton MT30 XT six-wheel drive, articulated dump truck. Areas of improvement include the water-cooled, direct injected Scania DSC9 engine, with a power rating of 262 hp at 2,200 rpm; and the ZF transmission, now with EST 25 auto shift control and three reverse gears. The front chassis and cab has been improved with a mirror bracket arm reinforcement, non-reflective glass on cab instrumentation, and the drive line, brake, and wheels.

If more load capacity is needed, the company also offers the 40-ton MT40 six-wheel drive articulated dump truck. Powered by a Scania DS 14 water-cooled, direct-injected diesel engine with turbocharger, it has a power rating of 419 hp at 2,100 rpm. The transmission is a ZF type 6WG 65 electronically-controlled automatic, with integral torque converter and automatic lock-up in all gears. The body is constructed throughout with Hardox 400 hardened steel plates in the floor, front and sides.

Navistar International

A joint venture between Navistar and TIC United Corp.--a Texas-based truck manufacturer--has resulted in SST Truck Co. This is where Paystar trucks and tractors are being manufactured, such as the 5000 Series, designed for on- and off- highway severe service operations, including snow plows, tow trucks, dump trucks, cement mixers and coal trucks.

Navistar also has made an addition to its 9000 Series by introducing the 9100 conventional tractor. This truck comes with a variety of engine choices, including Cummins, Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel engines, that range in size from 11 to 14 liters and offer up to 435 hp. These engine selections are complemented by a range of Rockwell, Dana and Eaton drive train components. Other options include options for either 80- or 100-gal fuel tanks, choices of either non-polished or body color aluminum front bumper, daytime running lights and halogen headlights and a galvanized steel grille with integrated bug screen painted the body's color.


The flagship of the Peterbilt Motors Co. fleet is the Model 379, which can fulfill many construction applications. The 379 comes with a wide range of engines providing up to 550 hp. Another model useful in construction is the Model 378, designed with a gently sloping hood, for enhanced visibility and improved jobsite maneuverability.

The company's Model 357, which can be used in a dump or mixer configuration comes with many options, such as aluminum or steel fuel tanks, set-forward or set back front axles, front tow eye with A-brace and 4x2, 4x4, 6x4 or 6x6 configurations. Other construction truck models include the 320, a low-cab forward design, which aides in negotiating crowded construction sites and rough terrain, and the 385, which comes with lightweight options to increase payload.


Formerly known as Volvo GM Heavy Truck Corp., the company recently changed its name to Volvo Trucks North America Inc. as a result of Volvo's increased investment in the U.S.-based truck manufacturer. The company's Xpeditor series of low-cabover trucks is designed with innovations aimed at the vocational market, such as a mixer or highway line painter. It is available in either right- or left-hand-drive models with GVWRs of 43,000 lb or 60,000 lb.

Just recently Volvo's Autocar nameplate celebrated its 100th anniversary. This truck has heavy-haul applications as well as vocational applications. Models can be ordered with a choice of engines from four manufacturers--Volvo, Cummins, Caterpillar or Detroit Diesel--which offers power up to 550 hp. Autocars also offer up to 70,000-lb capacity tandem drive axles.


Landoll Corp.

Among the many models offered by Landoll are a triple axle 50- and 40-ton gooseneck and a tandem axle 35 ton gooseneck. All come with the company's easy hooker system designed with a fail safe hook-up indicator, which can be viewed from the drivers seat, thus adding in loading and unloading equipment.

The company also offers dump trailers with capacities from 15 cu yd to 21 cu yd.

Etnyre Trailer Co.

Etnyre just announced the release of a new 35-ton Blackhawk series lowbed trailer that weighs in at 12,500 lb. It is equipped with a non-ground bearing gooseneck with over 32 in. of vertical travel. Standard features include an adjustable fifth wheel height, adjustable road clearances and adjustable deck heights. The standard width is 8 ft 6 in. and the standard deck length is 22 ft. Optional deck lengths of 21 ft and 23 ft also are available.

Additional features include apitong flooring, swinging and removable outriggers, Hutch multi-leaf spring suspension and an optional Ridewell air ride.

The company's ramp trailers are now available with either electric or air brakes and feature a deck height of 31.25 in. loaded.

Red River Manufacturing

The company offers bottom dump and live bottom trailers that range in body capacity from 20 cu yd to 40 cu yd. Design payload ranges from 24 tons to 50 tons. The largest of the line, the 8-axle LB838 features 60-deg sloped walls and a chain assembly, live bottom floor. A continuous belt of heat- and oil-resistant two-ply rubber moves the load to the rear for discharge. Three of the eight axles are liftable--two in the front and one in the rear. Standard features also include two-speed landing gear.

Redi-Haul Trailers

Redi-Haul's tag-a-long Pintle hitch trailers feature a continuous one piece main frame, one piece front bulkhead, low deck height, I-beam bed crossmembers, sealed modular wiring system with sealed shock mounted lights, spring assist ramps, adjustable height hitch and bolted oak decks. Capacities range from 10,000 lb to 50,000 lb. The company's latest model is the FSL1828BE-102, with a capacity of 14,000 lb and a deck length of 21 ft and a width of 81 in.

Rogers Brothers

Rogers new Ultima Series trailers feature a sleek design that reduces overall weight, allowing for a greater payload. The capacity of the series ranges from 35- to 60-tons and features the company's patented Croucher body styling. Standard is an oak deck with optional removable side brackets to widen it by two feet. A 30 deg riser permits easy loading onto the rear frame. The series also is available in specialized (XL) models, which provide a wider selection of payload capacities, deck styles and sizes, goosenecks, axle and rear frame configurations.

Trail-eze Trailers

The company offers a line of tilt, ramp and gooseneck trailers. The tilt bed trailers range in payload capacities from 18,000 to 30,000 lb. Overall length is 29 ft 8 in. and the tilt bed length is 24 ft. Their 50-ton, detachable gooseneck trailer is 48 ft 6 in. to 50 ft long with a load deck length of 22 ft. Unloaded deck height is 26 in. with 10 in. of ground clearance.

Trail-eze offers a lite ramp trailer with a capacity of 20,000 lb as well as hydraulic ramp trailers ranging in capacity from 18,000 lb to 40,000 lb. The company also offers a sliding axle trailer with a capacity of 40,000 lb and an overall length of 36 ft.

Trail King Industries

Trail King's 13-axle, self-steering detachable gooseneck trailer, the TK160 MDG, has a load capacity of 80 tons, and the ability to turn sharp corners. The after most three axles on the dolly pivot off the kingpin to increase the turning ratio.

Deck extensions are available to adjust the deck to a variety of lengths. When extensions are added, the self-steering mechanism on the dolly can be adjusted. The dolly has five adjustable positions to increase the steering ratio. The dolly can also be used for hauling self-supporting loads.

The company also offers a 25-ton hydraulic roll back trailers, the TK50RB with a payload capacity of 25 tons at 65 mph, with a 7 deg load angle. When loaded the 30 ft long 102 in. wide deck rests 36 ft off the ground.

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