Razing the Winter Wonderland

Dec. 28, 2000
As the thermometer dips down to freezing, and snow and icy rain begin to fall, new problems arise for those who maintain our roads. Specifically those working in the northern climates. Snow and ice can cause many hazards for motorists, and these days the motoring public demands dry, clean pavements.
As the thermometer dips down to freezing, and snow and icy rain begin to fall, new problems arise for those who maintain our roads. Specifically those working in the northern climates. Snow and ice can cause many hazards for motorists, and these days the motoring public demands dry, clean pavements. Because of these concerns, it is important to clear the roads as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The following is a list of some snow removal equipment available for the battle against old man winter.

Boss Products

Boss offers its model 11.3-45 dozer blade designed for both snow removal and earthwork applications. Attached to a motor grader, the blade can be used for snow removal, light bulldozing, grading and leveling. Blade positions and widths include vee, 120 in.; angle, 115 in.; scoop, also called an inverted vee, 110 in.; and straight, 135 in. The moldboard is constructed with a full box section with six internal ribs. The height is 46 1/4 in. and the length is 135 in.

The company also offers its Power V line of plows with lengths from 90 in. to 110 in., and a line of straight blade plows with lengths from 90 in. to 108 in.

Curtis International

Curtis offers models ranging in length from 84 in. to 108 in. Depending on the model chosen they can be used with either mid-size trucks, sport utility vehicles, or full-size 1/2-, 3/4- and one-ton pickups. The moldboard is attached with two grab handle pins and can be removed in seconds. Two more grab handle pins allow rapid removal of the lift frame. Optional accessories include: a snow deflector to keep snow off the windshield, thus improving visibility; 1-in. x 6-in. rubber or plastic cutting

Fisher Engineering

Fisher offers its EZ-V a blade with three positions--vee, scoop, or straight. It comes with the company's Fish-Stik control, which allows all functions--raise, lower, or moving the wings in or out either simultaneously or separately--to be engaged by the operator with just the palm of his hand. It also comes with a baked-on powder coated blade finish, and the company's Minute Mount System for quick mounting and dismounting.

Frink America

Frink offers a number of snow plow models with moldboard heights ranging from 37 in. to 45 in. The company has increased the curvature of its moldboards to provide better casting to both sides. The deeper moldboard radius also increases the throwing distance of the plow. The plows feature a single ram trip for protecting the equipment and improving driver safety. This spring-activated trip edge deflects whenever it comes in contact with an obstruction on the pavement, thus minimizing shock loads.

Good Roads

The company offers a number of one-way and two-way snow plows. The one-way plows offer cutting widths from 131 in. to 84 in. depending on the model and the angle of the blade. They feature 1/4-in. end plates, and a cutting edge made from high-carbon steel. A semicircle wide hinge distributes the thrust evenly across the moldboard.

The two-way plows offer cutting widths from 127 in. to 84 in. depending on the model and the blade angle used. All plows come with an enclosed trip mechanism that protects the combined plow and truck. If the plow hits an obstruction, it falls forward over the obstacles, then returns to its upright plowing position after passing over the obstacle.

Henderson Manufacturing

Henderson unveiled a new line of snow plows, called the SnowFoe series, at the International Public Works Congress and Exposition in Minneapolis in September. The new line, which includes reversible, one-way, patrol wing and mid-mount wing plows is designed for medium and heavy duty trucks.

The reversible models come in lengths from 10 to 12 ft. They feature attack angles of 5, 10 and 20 degrees. The one-way models offer cutting edges from 11 to 12 ft., and feature a roll-formed moldboard with integral shield to minimize drift, and improve visibility. The company's wing plows come in three widths: 6, 7 or 8 ft, and are hydraulically operated from the cab to keep the crews out of the weather. It also has a 7-in. float to accommodate varying road conditions.

Monroe Truck Equipment

Monroe offers its new 3500 series of underbody scrapers. Features include a three-bolt hold down block, shaped to follow the contour of the circle assembly; 3/8-in. UHMW poly wear plates located under the circle hold down blocks to ease circle movement; and reinforced circle assembly arms to provide increased support for the reversing cylinders. It can be used to move snow in the winter months and during warmer weather it is able to do gravel road maintenance and shoulder maintenance. The moldboa

Protech Welding and Fabrication Inc.

Protech offers the Sno Pusher for use with loaders, backhoes, skid-steers or utility tractors. The product features a quick change attachment system for easy connection to loader/backhoe models. By simply driving the cutting edge of the bucket into the six post receptacles and connecting chains and binder, the pusher is fully connected and ready to use in less than five minutes.

The pusher design allows for full equipment operation and bucket manipulation when attached, while maintaining optional bucket use for loading salt.

The skid-steer/utility tractor model connects via the manufacturers OEM coupling systems or by the company's quick change attachment system. The skid-steer pusher ranges in size from 6 to 12 ft.

Root Spring Scraper Co.

Root Spring offers a full line of scrapers and snow plows. The company's model I-66 scraper comes with a folding moldboard to provide maximum road clearance with a working depth blade of 20 in. It comes in lengths of 10, 11 and 12 ft.

They also offer the GW series gull wing reversible trip blade snow plow, designed to elevate snow and throw it over banks and guard rails. Moldboard lengths are available in 10, 11 and 12 ft. Width of cut varies from 89 in. to 120 in. depending on the model used and the angle chosen.

RPM Tech Inc.

RPM offers its R series ribbon type snow blowers. Model performance varies from 3,000 to 5,000 T/hour. The P-5000-R56 consists of a four-wheel-drive chassis with the cab over the engine. It is powered by a Cummins KTTA-19, with 630-700 hp at 2,100 rpm. The P-4000 offers a compact design for smaller snow removal jobs. It is powered by a Detroit Diesel 92TA series with 435 to 640 hp at 2,300 rpm.

The company also offers the TM-3500 and the P-5000 fan type snow blowers with performance capacities at 4,000 to 7,000 T/hour.

Western Products

Western offers a new adjustable v-plow, the 8.5-ft MVP. It is hinged to allow plowing in the scoop, vee, or straight blade position. Each wing of the plow incorporates a trip-edge so that when the blade strikes an obstacle only the lower edge trips back. This feature protects the plow and the truck in all blade positions and keeps plowed snow out in the front of the blade so you keep working. It also features the CabCommand control, which operates all functions, such as raising, lowering or movin

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