HNTB awarded N.J.'s Interchange 6 to 9 Widening Program

HNTB Corp. to provide program management services for 33-mile N.J.'s turnpike expansion project

News HNTB Corp. March 06, 2007
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The New Jersey Turnpike Authority has selected HNTB Corp. to provide program management services for the Interchange 6 to 9 Widening Program.

The program modifies four major interchanges and expands the turnpike from six to 12 lanes between milepost 48 and milepost 74, and from 10 to 12 lanes from milepost 74 to milepost 83. One hundred and seventy lane miles will be added to the turnpike system at a cost of $2 billion.

The program extends through 11 communities in three counties of central New Jersey. In addition to its enormous scope, the project involves many complex environmental challenges, such as mitigating major wetland damages and designing to comply with new, stringent storm-water management regulations.

As program manager, HNTB Corp. will assist the authority in delivering complete construction contract documents and providing support during construction as needed. The assignments comprise managing and coordinating the efforts of nine engineering design teams, as well as legal and real estate firms. HNTB's services will include monitoring and maintaining quality and performance standards, program budget and schedules. The firm's partners include Stacie A. Davis, P.E., P.C., for scheduling services; GEOD Corp. for surveying services; and YU & Associates Inc., for supervising field exploration work.

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority selected HNTB based on the firm's past performance as program manager on all other road-widening projects and most recently, the Interchange 15X project in Hudson County, N.J.

HNTB has served as the authority's consulting engineer since the agency's inception in 1949. "HNTB is honored to have such a positive relationship with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority," said Jim Beattie, principle-in-charge. "We believe it demonstrates our firm's commitment to quality, technical excellence and delivering results to our clients."

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