Highway Construction

Roads & Bridges Media's Highway Construction coverage looks at the latest road and bridge projects on the national interstate system and all state highway systems. Topics of concern to highway construction include road design, concrete paving, asphalt paving, diamond grinding, earthmoving, soil stabilization, state of good repair, department of transportation cooperation and operation, materials choices and new developments, and compaction, among many others.  

Madawaska-Edmundston International Bridge
Madawaska-Edmundston International Bridge. Image: Maine DOT
The Maine DOT recently released the 2020 edition of its Three-Year Work Plan, which includes all transportation capital projects and programs, …
January 17, 2020
Nebraska DOT 2020 program book
Image: Nebraska DOT
The Nebraska DOT (NDOT) recently released its 2020 construction program, which details transportation projects scheduled for funding over the next…
September 16, 2019
Maryland DOT Secretary Rahn at launch of Opportunity MDOT
Maryland DOT Secretary Rahn at launch of Opportunity MDOT
The Maryland DOT (MDOT) recently launched Opportunity MDOT, an innovative initiative that connects small, disadvantaged and minority-, women- and…
September 12, 2019
Atlanta is home to 6 million people, internationally known corporate residents like Coca-Cola, CNN, and the Home Depot … and traffic. Lots and lots…
September 10, 2019
transportation construction planning
Image: Condor 36 / Stock.adobe.com
The Texas Transportation Commission approved the Texas DOT’s (TxDOT) 10-year transportation plan that includes more than $77 billion dedicated to…
September 09, 2019
The Wisconsin DOT (WisDOT) is providing funding through a one-time grant program designed to address critical transportation needs throughout…
September 06, 2019
The Kansas DOT has launched a new program designed to provide state funding for transportation projects while also leveraging local and private…
September 05, 2019
The I-85 widening project in Georgia is the first in the state's Major Mobility Investment Program and aims to relieve traffic congestion across…
September 03, 2019
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