Highly evolved

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The Extec C12+ jaw crusher possesses all of the features of its previous incarnation, the C-12, but now comes complete with the latest maintenance, control and automation technology, allowing for greater control and providing more efficient and productive operation.

These key features include:

-Central greasing system as standard for the supply of efficient centralized lubrication;

-Over band magnet ensures the removal of any concrete reinforcing bars; and

-Computer designed web and flange chassis for strength and flexibility in the most hostile of operating environments.

Key to the reliability and performance of the C12+ (Circle 909) is the Vogel automatic centralized lubrication system, ensuring that bearings of the machine always get the optimal amount of lubricant. The centralized lubrication system makes sure that the bearings are sealed against dirt and that lubricant that is washed away during work is replaced right away. By lubricating the bearing frequently, with small amounts of grease, the C12+ Vogel automatic lubrication system eliminates overgreasing as well as lack of lubrication. This means less wear, less downtime and less cost for repairs and spare parts.

In addition, the use of an over band magnet ensures the removal of any reinforcing bars when concrete is crushed, a time-saving feature that also allows for better maintenance and reliability.

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