Heavy-Duty Information Stream

Article March 29, 2007
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Erle Asphalt Co., Farmingdale, N.J., does general contracting, site work, new construction, reconstruction, milling and paving.

“When you’re running night crews, it gets very hard between the project manager and the superintendent to communicate because he’s asleep while I’m awake and vice versa,” said Roy Huemer, project manager/estimator for Earle Asphalt.

The solution to communicating on night jobs was HeavyJob from HCSS. “When we started using HeavyJob, it really made a difference,” said Huemer. “Now, with HeavyJob, I’m able to go down the daily logs, read the information and easily find out how the job is going. HeavyJob really helps things get back into the office in a clear, concise way that is usable project management information. And with the daily production information, you know what’s happening on the job, what you’re expecting per day, what productions you’re hitting per day. You know if you have a problem, and you’re able to deal with that as soon as possible.”

Huemer also uses HCSS’s HeavyBid software.

“I’ve been using HeavyBid for 10 years now, and I’ve found that the benefit of the system is how easy it is to use and the compatibility to work with other programs for exporting and importing to spreadsheet, accounting and scheduling programs,” said Huemer.

Huemer has seen his “ability to produce private-entity bids triple” with HCSS training. “On-site training paid for itself on the first day,” he said. “We needed help with translating our payroll information from HeavyJob to our accounting system, Cheetah. Within an hour, the trainer helped the person who was responsible for that, taking her workload from a 90% manual entry, 10% automated and switched those percentages. He took a two day job for her and changed it to two hours.”

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