The new LightRay LR3 from Perma‐Liner Industries, which incorporates the latest in UV trenchless technology – significantly reducing the curing time during installations.

The LightRay non‐VOC resin is pre‐impregnated into the high‐performance fiberglass liner and shipped ready to install for no‐dig small diameter pipe infrastructure repairs. Once the install site is prepped, casting times in under 10 minutes can be achieved eliminating the risk of premature or prolonged curing times due to temperature variations.

A modular design and enhanced electrical connections for rapid packer attachment and removal are among the key highlights. Transitions, cast iron, and vertical stacks can all be serviced by LightRay LR3 which easily navigates 45 and 90‐degree bends. Designed, supported and built in the USA, the new LR3 comes with a 1‐year warranty.